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Next January [pt 2] MONTH Next January [pt 2]

"God Blesses What You Prepare For"
Pastor Cathy states that we…

Next January MONTH Next January

"God Blesses What You Prepare For".
Pastor Cathy asks what are…

Drifting MONTH Drifting

Katie talks about how we start to drift when we do nothing. 12/30/18

Christmas Presence MONTH Christmas Presence

Pastor John talks about the contrast between Santa and the Savior.…


Next January

"God Blesses What You Prepare For".
Pastor Cathy asks what are you exercising your faith for in 2019.


Katie talks about how we start to drift when we do nothing.

Christmas Presence

Pastor John talks about the contrast between Santa and the Savior.

Overflow In life. In community. In the world

Pastor John talks about how Family Worship Center Is going to live in the overflow.

Don't Christ-miss This Year

Listen in as Pastor John Mazza teaches us how to avoid the traps that cause us to miss Christmas

Don't Sign for That Package

Pastor Cathy talks about how God's promises help us respond to stress instead of reacting.

Jesus Is Full Of It

Pastor John talks about Jesus's truth and grace.

How We Change

Dawn talks about how we can better our relationship with Jesus.

Thank You

Pastor John talks about taking the time to thank God and have a praise break.

Guest Speaker Tony Cooke

Rev. Tony Cooke talks about Jesus's resurrection and how it affects the here and now.

The Table Which One Are You Eating From

Pastor John talks about the Lords table and how it's important.

Delay Does Not Men Denial Get the Negative Out

Pastor John states that your awareness of God authority will always determine how much you receive from him.

Under God

Pastor Cathy talks about our nation and the importance of praying for it.

Agape Love

Pastor Cathy states that the agape love of God is suppose to be the theme of our lives.

Better Together

Pastor John talks about how family is important to God.

Fall Small Group Sunday

Dawn Talks about the importance of being in a community and not doing things alone.

Without Walls

Pastor Cathy emphasizes about how we can live our purpose and calling outside the church.

Staying Positive in a Negative World this School Year

Pastor John talks about how to make this school year a success. 8/12/18

Overcoming Opposition

Listen in and hear invigorating illustrations and examples of how to overcome opposition in your life.

It is Written

Pastor Cathy talks about over coming struggles and how you can be an over comer

DYG Unified

Listen in and hear all the amazing testimonies of what God did at Camp Decision an out reach of Family Worship Center

Daniel Grey

Listen in on the amazing word Daniel Grey gave "Where is the Power?"

World Changers at Camp Sparta

Take a listen to the World Changers sharing what God did for them at Camp Sparta.

Hearer Doer

Pastor John gives a modern day example of a parable. 6/24/18

It's What We Do

Pastor John Gives 3 points to help your kids be successful.

Pressure to Elevate

Pastor John Talks about having confidence under pressure


Pastor Cathy talks about the story of Joseph and the choices he made.

Mothers Day

Pastor Cathy talks about a Shunammite women laying he problem at the alter and simply just trusting God.


Dawn talks about knowing God and finding your purpose.

At the Movies

Pastor John talks about how we need to move on from our past.

Famous Last Words

Pastor Cathy Talks About How Guilt Creates Fear In Our Lives


Pastor John talks about how God can start a revival with one person. Are you that one.

David Fleming

David Fleming talks about how God provides a table in the wilderness

Dawn Stipanovic

Dawn Stipanovic talks about how God wants to connect with you

What Now

Pastor John gives you different keys to attain and to keep your breakthrough.


Pastor Cathy talks about having our foundation built.


Pastor John talks about Restarting your life! 1/7/18


Pastor John talks about being intentional about spending time with God. 12.31.17

Hidden Things

Take a listen as Pastor John talks about hidden things

Mary Christmas

Pastor Cathy talks about Mary knowing purpose.


How To Listen To The Holy Spirit. Take A Listen

War in the Wilderness

Take a listen on how you are loved, how you are a child of God, and how God is pleased with you

Pastor Sam

Pastor Sam is preaching on how victory belongs to us. Take a Listen.

Strengthen Your Faith

Pastor Billy Joe Watts / Oct. 15th 2017

Vision Casting

Vision: Family & Ministry


Refresh. Pastor John Mazza 9.17.17

The 4 Letter Word 'FEAR'

The 4 letter word "FEAR" / Pastor Cathy Mazza / Sep. 3, 2017

Don't Get Stuck Looking Up

Don't get stuck looking up. God has something amazing for you today.

Fall 2017 Small Group Launch

Dawn Stipanovic leads a powerful message about joining in a small group this fall. Small groups start the first week of September.

Quitting Is Not An Option

Quitting Is Not An Option / Pastor Cathy Mazza / August 13th, 2017

Healing Services

A mighty healing service

Dawn Stipanovic Sermon 7/30/17

Our small group leader, Dawn Stipanovic, brings a powerful word for you and us this Sunday! Get ready to receive fresh manna from heaven. Ta

DYG Unified 2017

Powerful testimonies from our youth that went to Camp Decision 2017 "UPRISING" - Different testimonies on both services!

Pastor Daniel Eric Groves

Pastor Daniel Eric Groves shared a powerful message to our church on July 16th, please take a listen and get ready to be blessed!


A fresh new series by Pastor John Mazza titled "Roots".

Choose Your Place [Pastor Cathy Mazza]

Are you in the right place? How do you get that golden seat to be in front of God so you can see His plan for you?

The Transition

Change is good!

Invest In The Next Generation

Pastor Ray shares a powerful message about how to invest into our next generation. Wow!

Protect What You Love

Using the word of God and the blood of Jesus to protect what we love. -Pastor John Mazza

Water Baptism

Pastor Ray Dubois shares about what the bible says about being baptized preparing us for the event, "Beach Baptism" on May 7th 2017

Be The Church

Let's not just go to church, LET'S BE THE CHURCH AND LOVE OUR CITY!

My Healer

God is our HEALER. Let's learn how to tap into His healing power together!

DYG New York Missions Trip 2017

Lift-changing testimonies from our youth group DYG from their missions trip to NY in March 2017

Small Groups Sunday

Small groups is about being connected and being a body. -Dawn Stipanovic


New series from pastor Ray Dubois about reaching out to those in need.

The Principal Of First Fruit

Giving God the first fruit will allow the rest to be blessed

Communion Service 1-1-17

Starting the new year with this great message of communion.


Pastor Ray Dubois shares a wonderful message about God showing us THE WAY so we could be THE WAY. Please, take a listen...

Tis The Season

Pastor Ray Dubois kicks off this Christmas season with a powerful series titled "Tis The Season". Take a listen...

The Power Of Words

Pastor Ray Dubois delivers an anointed message about how powerful our words are. Take a listen...


Pastor Ray Dubois shares his heart with this Thanksgiving message. Take a listen...

Being Worthy Of Your Miracle

Pastor John Mazza preaches a powerful message this weekend titled "Being Worthy Of Your Miracle." Take a listen...

Pray. Be informed & vote

Pastor Ray Dubois share a insightful message this weekend letting us know that we as Christians have a responsibility to "Pray, be informed

You Asked For It

Pastor Ray Dubois begins his new sermon series titled "You Asked For It". It's gonna be amazing!


Pastor Ray Dubois delivers a powerful message the Sunday after hurricane Matthew made its presence known in our community and he teaches us

Don't Curse Your Crisis

Pastor Cathy Mazza, empowered by the Holy Spirit, delivers a piercing word thru her message titled "Don't Curse Your Crisis". Take a listen.

Power Of The Tongue

Pastors Tom and Patty Dubois team up to deliver an amazing message about the power of our tongue. We have what we say... Take a listen.

What In The World Is Going On?

Brand new series from pastor Ray Dubois dealing with one of the most asked question today: What In The World Is Going On?... and what does t

Bob Smiley (Christian Comedian)

Christian Comic Bob Smiley at FWC on August 6 & 7.

4th Of July Message

A powerful "God Bless America" Message delivered by Pastor Ray Dubois. July 4th, 2016

Paul Cowley

Missionary Paul Cowley sharing a great message on "Patience".

Suit Up

Suit up with the armor of God

Forget Not

Forget Not His Benefits

His Resurrection... Our Benefits.

A powerful post-Easter message from Pastor Ray Dubois

Pastor David Fleming

Throw yourself a parade before your victory!

Where Do We Go From Here?

After the powerful "Awakening" meetings... Where do we go from here?

Awakening 2016

Pastor Billy Joe Watts delivers a powerful word that it is sure to awaken your souls for a better 2016. Take a listen...


2016, a better year for ALL of us!

Communion Service 1/3/16

Communion Services 2016


Because Giving is much better than Receiving.

Pastor Tom Dubois

Weekend Message

Pastor Cathy Mazza


Pastor Harry Wilson


Pastor John Mazza


Dan Walsh

Brother Dan Walsh delivers an outstanding message about how to "stay with God".


Pastor Ray Dubois teaches on how to bring back that vision given to us early this year 2015, and how to wait and never give up until we see

Pastor Ray Dubois 9/20/15

Supernatural message of hope by pastor Ray Dubois

Dale Everett

Minister Dale Everett speaks on what God looks at and what He truly sees in US.

Communion Service

Pastor Ray Dubois speaks about pleading the blood of our Jesus over our lives.


When we pray, mighty things begin to happen!

Unified DYG

Our youth sharing powerful testimonies after being "Transformed" at Camp Decision 2015

God Has Been Good To Me

Pastor David Fleming

Even Now I Know

Pastor Cathy Mazza. A revelation on why Jesus waited to get to Lazarus.

You Are

Continuing the amazing teachings of Pastor Ray Dubois on the series "You Are", discovering who we are in Christ.