Carmen Mazariegos

SUM College Cohort Administrator

Carmen is the Salutatorian graduate of the school of Urban Missions Bible College and Theological Seminary (SUM). She has been in ministry since 1999 and is the Co-hort Advisor for SUM at Family Worship Center. Carmen is the proud parent of five children, Tatiana, Winter, Julian, Ivana, and Isaiah. She is also, the grandparent of August, Hazel, and Ivy Sophia. Carmen is dedicated to encouraging men and women in how to seek answers to life’s daily questions, doubts, and interactions by using the word of God. She also helps individuals to tap into their gifts and cultivate their full potential in Christ.

Fun facts about Carmen:

• Loves to relax with the sounds of the ocean.
• Likes to read.
• Enjoys her time with her children and grandchildren.
• Likes throwing the baseball and playing catch.
• Loves to travel.
• Carmen’s favorite thing to do is to be creative and decorate.
• Gets the best feeling when doing something creatively for someone else.

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